Some basic thoughts about this universe

1. The native geometry of this universe is open.
(In physical reality there can exist no point, no line, no surface and no straight-line motion. Native geometry would be based on open-ended spiral motion.)

2. A closed system can exist only in theory.
(Anything that exists within the physical universe is open to interchange with the rest of it. A closed system is a contradiction of terms, as any system by definition has an inside and an outside, and cannot close itself off completely from interchange with the universe around it.)

3. Space has extension, not dimensions.
The terms 'one-dimensional and 'two-dimensional' describe imaginary states that have no physical counterpart. They are a derivation of the idea that space is three-dimensional, based on our Cartesian x-y-z geometry of space. 'Dimensions' may mathematically describe space, but the only inherent property of space is 'multivectorial extension'.

4. Energy is motion.
(Potential energy is potential motion. Motion may concentrate or disperse. Narrowing spiral motion concentrates, expanding spiral motion disperses.)

5. Time is change brought about by motion through space.
(The heartbeat of time is determined by the pulsation of particles of matter which is constant throughout the universe.)

6. Matter is composed of particles, located in space.
(Particles of matter are the result of a stable, cyclic chiral motion of the aether, continually narrowing and expanding, thus creating pulsation (time) and what we perceive as material existence.)

7. Life, although not itself physical, continually creates the physical.
(Life is the cause of aether, an energetic continuum that is neither material nor immaterial. Life favours patterns of spiral motion, thus creating energy and matter out of the virgin medium of aether.)

8. Organized material existence depends on the information contained in patterns of subtle (life-)energy.
(Life forms patterns of energy which are essential to the existence of any organized form of matter, from crystals and other 'dead' matter to plants, animated bodies and even planets, stellar systems and galaxies. Information (thought) is immaterial, but is a necessary pre-condition for any physical manifestation to occur.)

I acknowledge that none of the above may be radically new. These and similar concepts have been formed through millennia and expressed in one way or another by many philosophers, physicists and thinkers. Special mention is due to a great man, L.Ron Hubbard, who beautifully stated much of this in his early writings and to Buckminster Fuller, a real genius and innovator, not blinded by 'conventional wisdom', whom some called 'the gentle giant'. Shiuji Inomata was another, more recent pioneer attempting to link the physical laws with the underlying patterns of thought or chi or life force.

As long as physics refuses to acknowledge the non-physical or immaterial forces of life as a possible ultimate cause of material existence, it's ever deeper specialization will turn up more and more useless detail in a purely materialist conception of the universe, which by it's limitation is digging the grave of mankind. Real progress in physics depends more than ever on including the reality of life into our attempts to explain physical existence.

This is not advocating a belief in fairies, angels and other similar beings without bodies. I am simply pointing out a self-limiting condition in physics, which is the exclusion of anything non-material from it's field of study and am asking physicists lift their eyes above their present horizon.

Josef Hasslberger
Rome, March 2001
revised June 2001

Added here, a comment from a recent e-mail by Bert Schreiber

As to #1.: I disagree as to "no straight line motion". In my theory the free neutrino can and does move only in a straight line, but that is no cause for me to disagree. Light can move in a straight line for short lengths, especially as it is absolutely not effected by any other entities except gravity and that only at right angles etc. Therefore, it can and does move in a straight line, even here on the earth in a vacuum over short lengths. Lastly, light or shielded particles could move at one of the La Grange Points where the effect of gravity is nullified in a short length (kms or so). I think you need to qualify your statement (but feel free to ignore my own reason).

#7. :I simply totally disagree with that statement.

#8.: I disagree as it is the de Broglie Wave that sets all the properties of everything in this Universe and that include why "life" can exist. Of course, again, this is from my theory so is more of a personal belief until others follow my new theory.

and a reply of mine, to clarify

As to #1.: I say "no straight line motion" because essentially, there is nothing like a straight line in this universe, except in our immagination. Even your most perfect straightedge, if you examine it in a high power microscope, will look like a hilly surface with big ravines on what macroscoipcally looked like a "straight" edge. Same with trajectories of physical objects, from missiles to particles, they are never exactly straight as they follow the numerous and varying influences of gravitational or similar kinds of "pull". Even a wave (light or any other) is never moving in a straight line. As the name suggests, the pattern of motion of a wave is "wavy", a term we use to show motion in space in a two dimensional analogy. It could well be a spiral, considering that space allows for more than two degrees of freedom of motion. So in my view, whatever macroscopically might appear to us as straight line motion, when we zoom in and consider the basic pattern of motion, there are good chances we will find a curlycue every time we look.

#7.: My statement that life allows the existence of universe, rather than universe allowing the existence of life, is one of major principle. This is the exact point where our current physics will have to take a sharp turn, if we are to make any more significant technical progress. Significant of course distinguishes the small step refinements we have seen so frequently in the last century, from the "quantum leaps" if you wish, that will allow us to effectively take control of energy and space, at least to the point of allowing us to travel the somewhat ridiculous distances that separate our planet from our satellite and from the other planets in our own system with relative ease.

#8.: The statement on underlying (life-energy) patterns follows out of number 7 and will of course, at this time and until physics will actually consider the possibility of life influencing physical existence, remain largely a matter of faith or intuition.

Your definition of life


helps to illustrate the point of fundamental disagreement between us. In your view, life grows out of and is a mere manifestation of the increasingly complex organisation of something inanimate: matter and energy in space and over time.

My view of life is somewhat opposite. To me, life is a necessary precondition to the very existence of universe. The exact mechanism by which life produces something so real we call it "material" is the subject of much speculation, limited at this time to religion, philosophy, mysticism etc. and my proposal is that physics contribute to end that speculation by investigating what we might term the facts of the matter or rather, the facts of life.

Kind regards
Josef Hasslberger